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Manavgat, Turkey

Manavgat is about a thirty minute drive east of Antalya.  It is a very pretty town (one I would not mind living in for a couple of years). My Turkish friend took me to Manavgat to visit the famous Manavgat Falls.

Unfortunately, southern Turkey was experiencing some major floods so the falls was covered by the flood waters.  Despite the floods, the weather was nice and warm and I was able to visit a school and mosque before continuing to Alanya.

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Flooding in Manavgat Flooding in Manavgat Flooding in Manavgat Flooding in Manavgat

Flooding in Manavgat - This is where the falls should be located. Interesting enough, right next to the Manavgat Falls is a small Uzbek Cafe. It was closed so we could not eat there.

Manavgat Manavgat

Downtown Manavgat is very pretty. On some of the streets, there are actually orange trees growing right next to the buildings.

Manavgat Turkish Private School
Manavgat - I visited this private school

Manavgat - mosque Manavgat - mosque

The above Mosque is located next to the school


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